What is hiding behind some of the worlds most famous companies' logos?

A logo is a graphic sign, symbol or combination of signs and text that identifies a product, service or company. For consumers, it is the first visual element they notice when they encounter a business, so it can easily influence whether customers will decide to buy a particular product or service or not. One of the most important functions of a logo is to separate products, services or companies from the competition and make it easier for customers to identify them. In addition, the logo has many other functions such as defining some important information regarding the brand, promoting brand value, etc.

The power of the logo is provided mostly by its visual nature. It is commonly known that people tend to recognize and remember images rather than text, thus it is easier to relate to their content.

Therefore, when starting a business, it is very important to allocate certain funds for logo design, which is the core process of creating the overall visual identity of the company. In other words, in order to do so, one of the first tasks should be logo design.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, logos often contain some, at first glance, hidden messages. The hidden meanings of the world’s most famous brands’ logos are shown below.

1. Amazon

Although you maybe wouldn’t say so at first glance, the Amazon logo design is based on the company’s philosophy. An arrow that looks like a smile suggests that the main goal of the company is to make its customers satisfied and happy. In addition, the other meaning behind this logo is also hidden in the arrow. As you can see, the arrow stretches between the letters A and Z, which indicates the fact that Amazon has an extremely wide range of products, from A to Z.

2. BMW

Needles to say, BMW is a globally known automobile company. However, this company was initially engaged in the production of aircraft engines. It is through the logo that this company pays tribute to its beginnings and history in aviation. The recognizable symbol of BMW is actually a representation of an aeroplane propeller.

3. Toyota

Toyota’s officials have revealed that the three circles that intertwine on the logo symbolize the connection between the heart of the consumer and Toyota’s products. The space in the background represents the technological advancement of this company as well as the endless possibilities it provides. Also, if you look more closely at the circles, you can see the word Toyota itself, composed of symbols.

4. Adidas

The logo of Adidas, a company that represents one of the largest manufacturers of sports equipment in the world, consists of three parallel lines of different lengths. Although very simple, these lines carry deep meaning because they represent a mountain that symbolizes the challenges that athletes need to cross on their way to success.

5. Toblerone

The logo of the famous chocolate brand Toblerone, which was created in Bern, Switzerland, contains a picture of the Alpine mountains. However, when you take a closer look, it is revealed that there is also a bear on it. Of course, this is not a coincidence. Bern is a city that is traditionally known for its bears – some even call it “the city of bears”.


Author: Magdalena Mihailović

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