The price for a website is determined by various factors such as the complexity of the site and its function – whether it is a static site made only to present information, or a dynamic site that can feature various functions such as customer registration and login. It can also depend on the number of pages.

The price for a web shop depends on the number of articles, number of pages and the payment method. The site complexity increases if the customer has the option of paying via credit card. In that case, the site needs to have an admin panel (used for customisation of the articles in the web shop) and customer registration option. These are the functions that can influence the cost.

Of course, it is possible to make changes on an outdated existing website.

  • At the very beginning, we discuss your ideas regarding functionality and design
  • Then we put a lot of thought into creating your project and documentation
  • We get to work
  • We conclude the process by final check up and testing
  • Going online!

Of course, it is possible to do SEO for an existing website, but the appearance of the website may be slightly changed in the process due to necessary optimisation.

The price for logo design depends on the time it takes the graphic designer to create your unique logo. If the designer’s in charge of the whole process, the price is higher than it is when you already have a general idea.

No, SEO cannot guarantee the first position, as it depends on various criteria, such as keyword density and relevance, site speed, internal and external links, and the competition that uses the same keywords. These are not the only factors that can influence your site’s position on search engines, there are many more which altogether make the content of your site relevant and entertaining for audience. This is the goal SEO tends to achieve, and it is worth putting time and effort in order to make your site as visible as possible.

A website needs to represent the core and vision of the company. It needs to be user friendly and intuitive, optimised for desktops, as well as phones and tablets, and without dead-end links and buttons. Even though a website itself is attractive, it is irrelevant if it cannot be found. This is where SEO is necessary.

It depends on the characteristics that you want your web application to have. We always consult our clients in order to create a project, and depending on its complexity we estimate time.

No, there isn’t any limit regarding number of products. However, their number affects the price of developing a web shop.

Big Data is a term you can often come across. This can be explained with a raising urge to generate large amount of data that traditional software solutions cannot process in optimal periods of time.

We can proudly say we are experienced in different fields, such as software development, creating web shops and websites, in addition to Big Data analytics and development of sensitive data processing applications. We are open to sharing our knowledge and experience and will be more than happy to help you in solving different kinds of problems.

The very first thing that must be done is a domain registration. Nowadays, many websites can be found, so the domain you want can easily already be registered. That’s why registration must be done as soon as possible. Apart from that, a website must be visually attractive – this is something we’ll be more than happy to do for you. Of course, when it comes to text, pictures and colours, your opinion will always be taken into consideration. Based on required content, we can recommend you a hosting option that can fulfil all the technical requirements.