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High performance and innovative tool that empowers companies to create and work in more secure, more stable, and more efficient environment, using Big Data analytics, Machine Learning algorithms and AI.
Our software is an innovative tool for Internet traffic analysis based on sampled flow (or sFlow) data. The software analyses large amounts of data in order to reach conclusions and gain an overview of the network. The more data is collected, the more accurate will the analysis be and companies can improve their services and also improve customer privacy and Internet security. Based on data flow analysis, our software enables more data, more security and more privacy.
The software consists of three modules which can be sold separately or together:
·        Internet Security tool ·        Business Analysis tool ·        Service Continuity/Network Monitoring tool


Big Data Analytics

Our team is particularly specialized in Big Data analytics, which is increasingly being used due to the ability to quickly and reliably detect trends, risks and patterns in different business spheres.Our Big Data software work swiftly and produce quality results! We pay special attention to working with sensitive data by applying modern principles of IT security.

ML i AI Algorithms

Big data and artificial intelligence have a synergistic relationship. We use ML algorithms, and AI to improve data management and pattern management, to perfect predictions and actions and minimize risk.

Web Application Development

Web application is the simplest way to develop and progress in the emerging digital world .The advantage of web applications is that they are accessible from any place and any device. The only thing that is required is network access. We operate based on Agile methodology, which in addition to excellent user experience, also imply simplicity, speed of production and reliability. 

Business Support Systems

We design and develop software based on your needs, in accordance with your business processes and organizational structure. Modern design, intuitive use of the software and automation of your business processes will make work easier for both managers and employees. The advantage of custom software development is that it really can be exactly what you want!

API Integration

API (Application Programming Interface) has become an irreplaceable part of any application, regardless if what is being connected are the elements of a same application, or third party API connection (such as statistics tracking, online shopping etc.). There are more and more apps that offer connection via API. Make your business more up to date by connecting your applications, using data offered by your partners and other owners of useful apps.


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Recognizing the everlasting and growing need for quality software solutions, we make it our mission to solve software problems, improve and create custom software for your company.

Young and creative team with experienced team leaders

Incorporating ML algorithms and AI

Experience in Big Data

Experience in development for versatile industries

If you wish to embark on a journey to accomplish your goals, contact us and we look forward to being your partner

Yours, Developico

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