How many times have you been in a situation where you have to update the same table over and over again, search through piles of contracts whether on paper or on your computer, trying to remember every task you’ve given to your employees and wondering if they are all equally engaged, and where is the table of non-settled claims and the one with all bill payment deadlines?

How many times have you wondered if this can all be simplified, but ready-made popular big name software SAP, ERP, CRM, … looked too complex and, without a doubt, too expensive for your needs?

We all try to work by the best principles, but each company is different and has specific needs.

We create just the software you need, at the price that’s convenient for you because we don’t waste time on unnecessary coding. Whether you need a simple macro in Excel or an implementation of comprehensive SAP software, our team is capable and ready to convert your needs into tools that will optimize your business processes, simplify the job of employees, managers and CEOs.

We can provide you not only with software, but also with all the needed equipment, technical support and consulting services.

We look forward to working with you!

Nowadays, web applications are the simplest tool for development and progress in the newly formed digital world. Web applications will automatize a lot of your business processes, simplify the work of managers as well as the employees.

We work according to Agile principles, which in addition to great user experience imply simplicity, fast production and reliability.

There is certain advantage to a web application, as you can access it from any location and any device. The only thing you need is internet access.

Other than software development, depending on your needs, we can provide and implement application hosting, software maintenance and counsulting in different price ranges.

The best and cheapest way of implementing a needed software in your company is „tailored to the needs“.

We give special attention to sensitive data projects. According to your requirements, we can develop an application featuring adequate security levels and including all the IT security standards. This is the area in which we excel, and we are ready to use our knowledge to in order to provide you with quality software or insightful consultation.

There is a growing need for processing, analysis and presentation of a big amount of data. There are few web development teams with experience in working with Big Data. We have had the opportunity to work in this area, and we are more than ready to use are experience for creating applications for your company.

API (Application Programming Interface) has become an irreplaceable part of any application, regardless if what is being connected are the elements of a same application, or third party API connection (such as statistics tracking, online shopping etc.). There are more and more apps that offer connection via API.

Make your business more up to date by connecting your applications, using data offered by your partners and other owners of useful apps.

Software maintenance is just as important as software development. Your software needs to be in keeping with the rhythm of your business. Your software requires constant care to keep in ’good shape’. We can make sure of that.

There are a lot of adequate software solutions on the market, that fit your needs. However, in order to effectively implement ’of the shelf’ software in your company, analysis, integration and adjustments are needed. Adjusting the software to customer needs is a number one priority.

Your website, logo, and any other visual representation forms, are the first thing a new customer sees, and forms the first impression upon. That is why it is necessary to make your visual identity stand out. It should be effectively separating you from the competition and projecting your goals and vision. According to your requests, we can make your visual identity unforgettable!

Logo design includes so many guidelines and rules; company’s logo has to be accurately portraying the essence of the company, it must have adequate colors, lines, style; it must be simple, memorable and at the same time elegant. While adhering to all those rules, one can forget to highlight the essence of the company. We won’t let that happen! Trust us with your logo design, and we will make it perfect

In modern time of technology and innovation, a website is your company’s online ID. That is why a company’s website must be a result of careful thinking and comprehensive analysis, amazing creativity and unique taste. This all makes web design complex and time consuming. In this process, all you need is an idea, and we will take care of the rest!

Global market is going through a transition from traditional to online shopping. There is no need to slow you progress because you are lacking this sales cannel. We are eager to help you with getting your store online, or answer any of the questions you might have about the process.


InSight Software

High performance and innovative tool that empowers companies to create and work in more secure, more stable, and more efficient environment, using Big Data analytics, Machine Learning algorithms and AI.
Our software is an innovative tool for Internet traffic analysis based on sampled flow (or sFlow) data. The software analyses large amounts of data in order to reach conclusions and gain an overview of the network. The more data is collected, the more accurate will the analysis be and companies can improve their services and also improve customer privacy and Internet security. Based on data flow analysis, our software enables more data, more security and more privacy.
The software consists of three modules which can be sold separately or together:
·        Internet Security tool ·        Business Analysis tool ·        Service Continuity/Network Monitoring tool

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