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Who We Are

Developico is a young software development company primarily focused on software development for the ICT segment. Our team is particularly specialized in Big Data analytics, which is being used increasingly due to its ability to detect trends, risks and patterns quickly and reliably in different business spheres .We use ML algorithms and AI to improve data management and pattern management to perfect predictions and actions and minimize risk. We design and develop software based on your needs, in accordance with your business processes and organizational structure. We follow current software development and web design trends and focus on implementing them through our unique ideas. 

Our mission

Recognizing the everlasting and growing need for quality software solutions, we make it our mission to solve software problems, improve and create custom software for your company.

Our young and creative team works on finding the best way to solve your problems and turn your idea into a product that meets all of your expectations. Regardless of the size of your company, our skills and creativity can guarantee reliable and quality service. We like a challenge, and we are ready for it. 

Our products


InSight Software

High performance and innovative tool that empowers companies to create and work in more secure, more stable, and more efficient environment, using Big Data analytics, Machine Learning algorithms and AI.
Our software is an innovative tool for Internet traffic analysis based on sampled flow (or sFlow) data. The software analyses large amounts of data in order to reach conclusions and gain an overview of the network. The more data is collected, the more accurate will the analysis be and companies can improve their services and also improve customer privacy and Internet security. Based on data flow analysis, our software enables more data, more security and more privacy.
The software consists of three modules which can be sold separately or together:
·        Internet Security tool ·        Business Analysis tool ·        Service Continuity/Network Monitoring tool


Developico (An Application for Internal Company Organisation)

The application is dedicated to internal organization of your company, and it unites projects, finances and documentation. The application is dedicated to internal organization of your company, and it unites projects, finances and documentation. Developico application allows your company an internal control over it's organization in the most efficient way. Project segment offers a complete insight in all active or completed projects. This way you will be up to date with all the activities connected to a certain project. Finances offer insight in financial state of your company. Archive segment allows you to keep all your documentation at the same place in organized files. You'll also be able to quickly search through all the documentation by using the filters of your choice.


Our projects

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developico site
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Our team

Tatjana Marković Perović
CEO & Founder


Ognjen Perović
Back End Developer & Founder

Lena Perovic Developico webdesigner

Lena Perović
Designer & Founder

Vladimir Milanovic Developico frontend developer

Vladimir Milanović
Front End Developer

Uroš Dostanić
Full Stack developer

Milan Tucaković
Full Stack Developer

Magdalena Mihailović
PR & Marketing Assistant

Vanja Nikolić
PR & Marketing Assistant

Zoran Perovic Developico CEO

Zoran Perović
Business Development Manager

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