Viruses, spyware and malware – what is the difference?

Even though computer viruses are commonly spoken about, there are not the only type of danger that could do some damage to the system. The majority of malicious software are not even considered to be viruses. That is why the following text will give some basics about the most common threats each software needs to face on almost daily basis.

5 reasons why each company should have a website

Nowadays, Internet has become an essential part of our everyday lives. Consequently, by marketing we usually mean digital marketing. Whether your company is a smaller or a bigger one, a start-up or not, not having your own website makes you completely market invisible.

Website & web application; What’s the difference?

Nowadays, we can often hear both of the terms website and web application. In the following text, we attempt to define the difference between the two, in order to help you decide which choice is the one that suits your company’s needs the most.

Running a company without a website?

One of the first things that come to your mind when somebody says “modern world“ certainly are the Internet and being online. You want to travel somewhere? You need a new pair of shoes? You must go and pick something up from an unknown part of the city? Internet is the answer. For all the things we need, the first thing most of us would do is to ask Google on our computers or mobile phones.


Web Shop Development

Early forms of trade date back to the very beginning of human race. The first form of trade was a simple exchange of goods, where the value of traded goods was determined only by the previous owners. Such a form was not overly practical due to limitations of the variety offered. Many factors could influence the trade, such as weather conditions, physical places etc.


Software Development

Software is a computer program, or several programs with the function to tell the computer how to complete tasks. Overall, software consists of all the programs and data in one computer. The operating system is often considered as a basic software component.


How did Bill Gates learn programming?

“Questions that programming has taught you to ask- How do I solve a problem? Can I find a pattern? What kind of information do I need?- are useful in every aspect of life . Computer science has shaped the way I look at the world”.


Introduction to Python

Just as standard languages, programming languages are also used for communication. Although, in case of programming languages, they are used for communication between humans and machines (software). There are different programming languages made for different needs and they are used at different times. Some are suitable for software development, some for video game development, while others are for developing web applications, etc.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly known as SEO, is an acronym we are sure to come across when talking about websites and web applications. But what does it actually represent, and why is it so necessary? We answer those questions in the following text.

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