Software Development

Software is a computer program, or several programs in charge of telling the computer how to complete tasks. Overall, software consists of all the programs and data in one computer. The operating system is often considered as a basic software component.

Software is written in one or more programing languages. In order for the computer to execute the command given by the software, the command must be passed to applications, which passes the instructions to hardware using system software. Information is received in a form of a machine code. Software is used to execute various operations, such as the change in the control flow or data transfer.

The quality of the software is very important. Programmers strive to make the optimal software. In this delicate job, even the smallest mistakes can cause poor quality of the software.

Software development is one of the most profitable industries. This industry has considerably changed the world and in fact, made the world as we know it today. Some of the most successful software companies are Microsoft, Apple, Adobe Systems and many others. These companies have a considerable impact on the software development orientation in the future. As software in its many forms is commonly used on daily basis, it is clear that the development of this industry will affect the global economy.

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Author: Milan Aljetić

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