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Early forms of trade date back to the very beginning of human race. The first form of trade was a simple exchange of goods, where the value of traded goods was determined only by the previous owners. Such a form was not overly practical due to limitations of the variety offered. Many factors could influence the trade, such as weather conditions, physical places etc.

The first street markets originate from the need for a steady place for exchange of goods. It was a meeting point for all the people that have something to offer and all the people that needed something. Therefore, the place where demand and supply meet for the first time was formed. Over time, as the buying and selling processes had developed, merchants started buying large amounts of product and then selling at wanted prices. By further development, modern markets and stores were formed.

In the modern age, shopping was taken to another level, as it became possible to shop even while sitting at home and using a laptop or a mobile phone to access online stores.

Web shops quickly became commonly used form of shopping. Web shops offer a display of the whole selection of a store, which you can swiftly look over, select, and pay via credit card. The ordered products arrive directly on your address.

Over the years, web shops have begun to take larger and larger percent of the market. It is evaluated that by the year 2025., online shopping will make up 20% percent of the global trade.

There are many examples of businesses considerably expanding their sale through online channels such as Amazon.com or Alibaba.com or by creating their own web shop.

One of our services is web shop development. Our experienced team of programmers can develop complex and highly visited web shops specially for you. If you would like to have this sales platform, contact us, and we will create a perfect solution for your business.

Yours, Developico


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